Your Home Needs Selling

No matter the reason you want to sell your home, now you have to complete the process. Going the traditional route, you first have to do some research on the prices of homes in your neighborhood. You’ll have to sift through estimated results, that may or may not take into account damage to your home. Next, you’ll have to find the right realtor, which means you’ll need to ask for referrals, communicate with potential candidates, and choose one.

All of this will take up time, money, and headspace that you could be spending on something else. After this, your realtor will likely recommend that you stage your home and choose an optimum time to sell. This means you don’t get to act swiftly, which can cause a stressful situation when you are looking to sell within a specific time. You’ll have to deal with multiple offers, negotiations, closing costs, and an uncertain time frame. This doesn’t even account for various life situations that may not fit the typical model of selling a home.

What if there was a better way?

A New Kind of Buyer

At Space City House Buyers we want to work with you to buy your home in your time frame, and under the best circumstances. We can move very quickly, even within a week, and still cover closing costs. We provide convenience, ease, and speed with our process. We’ll take on all the closing costs and repairs that need to be done to a home. Here’s our step by step process:

Contact Us

You contact us about selling your home. We’ll set up a consultation with you to talk about your home. We’ll discuss the timeframe you are trying to sell your home in, the repairs that will need to be done, the neighborhood, the history of the home, and more. This consultation is meant to be thorough, but not invasive. We want to meet with our clients and have them tell us their story, then be a part of the solution.

We Give You an Offer

After our consultation, we’ll do some research on the value of your home and figure out the best offer for our business and your situation. We’ll then present A CASH OFFER to you, upon which you will sign a contract selling your home to us.

Sell Your House

You sign the contract and sell your home to us. We’ll work with you to select a move-out date and move forward.

Why Choose Us as A Buyer?

At Space City House Buyers we make it simple to buy your home. There’s no work on your part. No having to haggle with multiple buyers, no appraisal process, no maintenance that needs to be completed. We take on all those tasks and provide you with a cash offer for your home. It’s direct, effortless, and optimized for time constraints. We can sometimes even close within a week. We’ve built our business on trying to take a high-stress situation and give people peace of mind to move on with their lives to greater and better adventures.

Helping people move forward with dignity and respect.

To Help

We are here to make this process worry and stress free. Contact Us Now.